Welcome to the Bethlehem GIS services webpage. From here you can access the available GIS Services.

General Information Map:

Next Generation Mapper Web map for desktop and GPS enabled mobile devices.

Additional Web Mappers:

Sidewalk Condition Assessment Viewer
Public Facing: Web Map for viewing Sidewalk Condition Assessments
2017 Pavement Condition Assessment
Public Facing: Web Map for viewing Pavement Condition Assessments
Bethlehem IDA Available Properties
Public Facing: Web Map for viewing Available Properties

Search scanned record drawings:

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Older search engine (for maps not migrated to Sharepoint)
Older File Share (for maps not migrated to Sharepoint)
This list includes the scanned approval drawings, arranged by their Planning Project Identification Number. We are working on a cross reference table, so that projects can be searched by their common name. To find a project by its location on a map, use this 267-200-4556

Static Maps:

The following Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) maps are available for download and use.

Zoning Map
Official Land Use Zoning Map of the Town of Bethlehem, amended July 1, 2013.
Water System Map
Water Distribution Map, Issued January 2014.
Sewer Collection Map
Sanitary Sewer Collection Map, Issued January 2014.

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